Inverter batteries

They are critical to the performance of an inverter power system. An inverter must run on at least one battery, because the power used by the inverter to supply your power requirement is drawn from a battery or set of batteries. The primary job of an inverter is to convert the direct current (DC) stored in the inverter battery, to alternating current (AC) used to power electrical appliances.

Battery Maintenance Facts

A battery is like a savings, if you keep taking out, and putting nothing back, you soon will have nothing.

Average battery life has become shorter as energy requirements have increased. Life span depends on usage; 6 months to 48 months, yet only 30% of all batteries actually reach the 48-month mark. 

When connecting batteries in parallel however, it is important that the batteries are similar. For this reason it may not be advisable to add to the battery after you have been using the system for a while, by which time there would have been some reduction in battery performance.

Selecting and Buying a new Battery

Selecting a Battery, when buying a new battery I suggest you purchase a battery with the greatest reserve capacity or amp hour rating possible. Be sure to purchase the correct type of battery for the job it must do.

Remember an engine starting battery and deep cycle batteries are different.

Battery Life Span and Performance

Battery life span and performance, diminishes as energy requirements increase. Clients complain of two major things "my battery won't take a charge and my battery won't hold a charge". 

Sulfation occurs when a lead acid battery is deprived of a full charge. 80% of all battery failure is related to sulfation build-up. The causes of sulfation are numerous, we will mention but a few.

  • Battery storage, leaving a battery sit without some type of energy input.
  • Incorrect charging levels and settings. Most cheap battery chargers can do more damage than help.
  • Batteries sit too long between charges.
  • Remember you must put back the energy you use immediately, if you don't the battery sulfates and that affects performance and longevity.

Battery Don'ts

  • Don't discharge a battery any deeper than you possibly have to.
  • Don't mix size and types of batteries.
  • Don't use unregulated high output battery charger to charge batteries.